The Great GP Challenge

The Great Grand Prix Challenge


Posted By on January 11, 2013 in Jason's Blog | 0 comments

So, what is this? Well, it’s a bit of nostalgia intertwined with a teaching moment.

At first thought, purchasing an older motorcycle seemed like a great way to show my boys (5 and 3) how to take a bike apart, figure out what needs to be fixed, budget for those fixes, then reassemble and enjoy.

However, not long afterwards, the thought of entering the bike into a GP race popped into my mind. Now we have a goal, a budget, and a CHALLENGE.

The idea has spread within my family and now my nephew, Ashton Mann, will be joining me. We both have the same budget and the same goal.

The bike has to be a 1979 or earlier and must be able to complete the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix in 2013. The total budget is $1000 and that includes the price of the bike, entrance fee into the race, and all parts or services needed to get the bike “race ready”.

Are you up for the challenge? Join us as we learn a lot about motorcycles, budgeting, and hopefully, riding in our first Grand Prix!