The Great GP Challenge

The Great Grand Prix Challenge

Initial Inventory

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What have we gotten ourselves into?

With a $1000 budget, including race entrance fees, we are really starting out with closer to $850. 2012 race fees were $125 – I am assuming $150 just to be safe.

Take away the cost of the bike ($300) and the purchase of an owners manual ($15), service manual ($25), air intake boot ($25), can of black spray paint ($5) and some wire brushes ($3 – gotta love Harbor Freight), we are quickly using up our funding.

Remaining: $477

Desperate needs so far:

Air Filter
Rear Tire
Rear Wheel Bearings and Seals
Gasket Set
Patch air filter box
Fingers crossed that there’s no internal damage.

Good thing I have a video of where all the parts used to be.